Chris Monk 

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Fishing is not a random activity and results in selection for certain individuals through exploitation. Recently, both theory and evidence that certain fish behaviours can result in a higher vulnerability to being captured has been accumulating. However, our understanding of the mechanisms and consequences for this behaviourally-based selection is far from complete. Furthermore, the outcomes of fishing depend on more than just the actions of the fish. Variation in angler behaviour could also have dramatic influences on a fishery. Accordingly, the focus of my research is to contribute to a more thorough understanding of the role that behaviour plays in fisheries. To accomplish this I have three main objectives. The first objective is to investigate how different fishing gears select for a number of behaviours of common carp, Cyprinus carpio, through the aid of high-resolution acoustic telemetry. The second objective is to investigate how the performance of groups of anglers varies depending on the composition of skill levels within the group. The final objective is to use the findings of the first two objectives to design better fish stocking strategies through the systematic stocking of certain behaviours. I hope that the results of my research will contribute to the design and application of novel and effective fisheries management techniques. As well, my research has potential to provide new insights into fish behaviour in the wild.