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  Giovanni Polverino has successfully defended his dissertation today. Congratulations Giovanni! (19.12.2016)

Pep Alós and Robert Arlinghaus found fisheries induced behavioural selection in the rapidly exploited pearly razorfish. Read about it HERE (18.12.2016)

See David Bierbach present his ideas on leadership at the Falling Walls conference in Berlin HERE (02.12.2016)

Shin Nakayama has published a new paper about how fish personality directs group movement. Read it HERE (20.10.2016).

Listen to Kate Laskowski's interview on Deutschlandfunk radio and hear her discuss how the behaviour of predators might influence the dynamics of food webs HERE (29.09.2016)

Robert Arlinghaus and Josep Alós have published a new paper on the evolutionary effects of size-selective harvesting on trait variability. Read it HERE (29.09.2016)

For more news see HERE


Project overview

The goal of this project is to generate a holistic and in-depth understanding of the ecological consequences of behavioural types – behavioural differences between individuals from the same population that are consistent over time and correlated across different contexts. We pursue a highly integrative approach, combining theoretical research with lab-, mesocosm- and field experiments in different fish models to address basic and applied research questions at biological scales ranging from individuals to the community levels. This project is funded by the Leibniz Competition (SAW-2013-IGB-2).